Making a difference

We are the largest mixed volunteer-led Movement for young people in Wales. We offer fun, challenge and life changing adventure to almost 15,000 young people across all 22 Local Authority Areas in Wales, who are supported by over 6,000 adult volunteers. 

Scouting exists to make young people’s lives better, helping them to realise their full potential, and providing them with the skills they need to succeed in life. 

Our Impact

At Scouts, we want to help all young people develop skills for life and prepare better futures. 

We were proud to: 

  • Introduce Scouting to new communities. 
  • Empower young people to speak up on the issues that matter to them. 
  • Support young people to experience life-changing international adventures. 
  • Deliver activities and opportunities that develop skills for life.  

Scouting in Wales

In Wales, Scouting is administered by ScoutsCymru, a registered Charity No. 522572, affiliated to The Scout Association (UK). 

The UK Scout Association has delegated responsibility for the management of the affairs of The Scout Association in Wales to ScoutsCymru, with specific responsibilities for programme, training, and administration. 

ScoutsCymru is dedicated to making sure that Scouting in Wales remains safe, fun and relevant for young people, and that the Scouting Programme is properly delivered. 

As there are devolved matters, such as education, third sector and youth work, in Wales, ScoutsCymru ensures that these are reflected in The Scout Association’s Programme along with ensuring that Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR) reflects this, and supports groups to comply. 

Scouting in Wales is organised on a Regional, Area & District level, ensuring that each Group has nearby support and assistance in providing the best Scouting experiences possible for their members. 

What we do
Skills for life