We have got our eyes on the future and what we can learn from this last year, how we rebuild and plan our route for future generations of Scouts to join our adventure.

For the last year ScoutsCymru, through Team Cymru and the Covid Response Committee has been working to secure Scouting in Wales for the future as well as encouraging and supporting our leaders throughout the pandemic.

With regular check in meetings and scheduled strategic planning meetings, Team Cymru have worked through the challenges and looked ahead to the future to ensure we sustainable and extend our reach to support even more young people in Wales.

Over the next few months, we will engage and consult with the movement to have a big conversation about our future and the roles we each play to sustain, grow and extend our reach in Wales.


The reason for Discover 

We are taking the opportunity to discover what is possible for our future. Youth work and informal education have never been more needed, and we know that Scouting has provided young people with stability, fun with friends, and skills for life despite the pandemic.

We want to explore how we help the young people of Wales bounce back, build their resilience, and have skills fit for the future.

By asking the movement, our young people, adult volunteers and supporters, partners and stakeholders, for ideas and support, as well as understand the challenges and opportunities in each community we can gather thoughts that ensure we are:

  • Adaptable and sustainable for the future
  • Providing value for money against the ScoutsCymru membership fee whilst continuing to reach our charitable aims
  • Continuing to provide young people with Skills for Life
  • Open and accessible for all whilst reaching, and extending our reach into, new communities
Topics for consultation

Impact of ScoutsCymru

To assess our progress against the Skills for Life Strategy we need to be able to assess our impact, how we deliver skills for life to young people and how we support our volunteers. By consulting on the support, we provide as an organisation, we can gather anecdotal evidence that can be utilised in grant applications, and in the creation of workplans.

Support for Volunteers

We have provided more hands-on and direct support to our volunteers than ever during 2020 and we know that our members have appreciated that. Part of our strategic People pillar is to ensure adult volunteers are better supported. We can use this opportunity to find out what worked well, what didn’t work well and what our members would like us to do in the future.

Inclusion/Extending Reach

Scouting is open to all, but we need to start reaching out into those communities that we are not already present in. We’re well placed to make a difference with the introduction of both the EDI sub-committee (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.)  and inclusion team, but we need to start thinking outside of the box by going to those communities instead of expecting them to come to us due to our reputation. It is our strategic goal to open 20 new sections in areas of deprivation, remote, and rural areas by 2025.

Youth Shaped 

As outlined in our Skills for Life Strategy we are aiming to have young people shaping their Scouting experience within 50% of our Groups and 75% of Districts and Areas. We’re well on the way with numbers of youth commissioners increasing to 14 recorded on Compass, but we can use this opportunity to check in with our membership to establish how much youth shaped Scouting is happening locally, and what they need to make Scouting even more youth shaped, then shape our workplans and resources accordingly.

Community impact

As outlined in the background section, we have the opportunity to be an organisation that supports young people to bounce back from the pandemic and build their resilience whilst also having a positive impact on their communities. Scouts have always been known for giving back to their communities and it is a key element in the programme. This will also support the strategic goal of having more youth members taking part in community impact projects by 2025. We can use this to create a baseline to measure our strategic goal against, as well as gather good practice and positive news stories.


Engagement sessions

From previous engagement sessions with our members, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t going to cut it. So, we have designed a variety of different ways you can get stuck in and have your voice heard.

  • Digital focus groups. These will be online conversations about the topics we’re looking at. There will be time to say, what works well, what could be improved, and the support you’d like to see in the future.
  • Activity for young people. It is so important to us that we are shaped by our young people for our future generations. We will be producing an activity pack that leaders can use with their young people to gather thoughts and ideas, as well as suggested activity for Youth Commissioners to use at Youth Forums.
  • Online suggestion box. We know lots of our members are really busy right now, and maybe won’t be able to attend a focus group. But we also don’t want to miss their voice from this key piece of work! So, we’re developing an online suggestion box where our bright sparks can quickly logon and share their ideas whilst they’ve got 5 minutes.
  • Phone consultations. Online methods aren’t for everyone, and lots of areas have poor wifi connections. We’re also going to offer phone consultations for those that have something to say but maybe don’t feel comfortable over Zoom.