Last year we launched our mission for discovery, our chance to change scouting to benefit of the next generation.

We launched a  series of engagement events survey and workshops so that you could tell us where we are and what was needed for the future.

You believe that Scouting works well and can make a positive difference and whilst safety has to be our priority you want scouting to be fun and enjoyable and an opportunity to  develop skills for life

You also told us that :

  • more work needs to happen to help find and develop new volunteers and support those feeling under pressure.
  • Better communication channels and networks are needed to reach those not already involved in scouting
  • Volunteering needs to be more flexible
  • More support is required for volunteers to carry out their admin duties
  • Scouts Cymru needs to be more visible in Wales
  • Blended scouting continuation can help with waiting lists and volunteer shortfalls
  • standardised programmes and procedures needed to allow volunteers more freedom to deliver rather than plan
  • we need to break down perceptions that Scouting is inaccessible and old fashioned
  • there is a need to consider restructuring Scouting in Wales as feedback suggests that there are too many layers
  • more recognition of the work that volunteers do is needed in order to retain members


Over the next twelve months we are looking to move forward to create our vision of scouting in Wales that is fit and ready for the future

In these next few months we will be talking to younger members more to find out what they need from scouting and how they think it can support them with skills for life.

We will also be talking to external organisations in Wales to understand how Scouting could collaborate and help them shape a future Wales for our young people. We want to understand how they work and how they can help us increase volunteers and deliver scouting to more young people.

The reason for Discover 

We are taking the opportunity to discover what is possible for our future. Youth work and informal education have never been more needed, and we know that Scouting has provided young people with stability, fun with friends, and skills for life despite the pandemic.

We want to explore how we help the young people of Wales bounce back, build their resilience, and have skills fit for the future.

By asking the movement, our young people, adult volunteers and supporters, partners and stakeholders, for ideas and support, as well as understand the challenges and opportunities in each community we can gather thoughts that ensure we are:

  • Adaptable and sustainable for the future
  • Providing value for money against the ScoutsCymru membership fee whilst continuing to reach our charitable aims
  • Continuing to provide young people with Skills for Life
  • Open and accessible for all whilst reaching, and extending our reach into, new communities