When 18:00 – 20:30 19th January 2022

Who is Introduction to Residential Experiences for?

Introduction to Residential Experiences is for section leaders and supporters who may organise or support residential experiences for young people as part of their role in Scouting. It’s intended to provide an introduction to residential experiences.

How is this module validated?The validation of this module is based on the individual’s ability to meet the criteria, as set out in the Training Adviser’s Guide and the Adult’s Personal File. This means the adult will need to demonstrate an understanding of the role of residential experiences in Scouting.

What information is provided?The module contains the objectives relating to understanding residential experiences and the role they play in Scouting. The objectives for the module are given followed by suggested methods of training. The content is given in outline with key points expanded in more detail. Trainers’ notes are also supplied to provide guidance on methods or other key points.

The information is not a script for the session. Prior knowledge and/or research of the subject matter by the Trainer should be undertaken before delivery of the training.

Session details:1. Introduction (30 minutes)2. Preparing a Residential Experience (40 minutes)3. Identifying Skills (30 minutes)4. Permits and Specifics (35 minutes)5. Conclusion (15 minutes)Total: 2 Hours 30 minutes

Zoom details will be emailed out to all registered on Friday 14th January.

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