The big picture

By being a member of ScoutsCymru, you are part of a wider family. We provide support to groups and communities across Wales allowing young people to connect with others from different backgrounds.

‘I scout so I can help develop young people and adults with their life skills. The networking opportunities and the social aspect are out of this world.

Beth Gloster, Area Commissioner Snowdonia & Anglesey

Making an Impact

We encourage our members to speak up, get stuck in and shout out to make a positive difference and have a voice across Wales. Our programme allows young people to find their passion, be a driving force and create change.  

Leaders of tomorrow 

It’s not all about the outdoors and adventure in Scouting, our young people also develop skills that are essential for the future. We want them to think outside the box, consider others and solve problems which sets them up for the future.   

What we do
Badges & awards