When 18:15 – 19:15 24th March 2021

In this session with Network Rail, we will be learning about rail safety.

Railway Safety – badge links 


Safety badge: 

  1.  Find out how to call the emergency services. 
  1. Tell others what you should do at a roadside and at a railway level crossing.


Personal Safety badge: 

 – Explain the dangers of playing on or near railways 

 – Make up a safety code of your own choice. – It could be for car passengers, train passengers or the playground.  


Local Knowledge badge: 

Urban areas 

  1. Gain a general knowledge of what parts of the country are served from your local airport, mainline railway and coach stations. 
  1. Find out how to reach the local airport, mainline railway and coach stations, and major tourist attractions from your Scout Headquarters or home 
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