Inclusion is at the heart of what we do as Scouts and we are always guided by our five values of co-operation, integrity, respect, care, and belief. We are constantly reflecting on those values and striving to do better.

To spread this message, this month we have kicked off our new inclusion series which will bring talks, workshops and webinars around inclusion to our members.

These sessions have been developed in line with the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and we are aiming to give a voice to all communities across Wales and support the third sector to become an even more safe and inclusive space.

Our first session saw members have the opportunity to take part in an eye-opening conversation with Dr Neville Lawrence OBE.

Dr Lawrence has campaigned relentlessly over many years to raise awareness of the dangers of racism and how hate crime destroys communities.

During the session, Dr Lawrence captivated our members with his heartfelt story, recounting the moment he found out his son, Stephen, had been murdered in a racially motivated hate crime and the fight for justice the Lawrence family faced.

The family’s story is both powerful and moving. After CPS dropped their son’s murder case, they never gave up their fight. Refusing to accept racial injustice they took the route of private prosecution, even meeting with the late Nelson Mandela who supported them in raising awareness of their story.

Dr Lawrence has worked tirelessly since the loss of his son to shed light on the destruction racism causes in the hope that families in the future won’t have to suffer the loss that his family has experienced.

Dr Lawrence captured our core message of inclusion when he said: “It doesn’t matter what somebody looks like, we are all human beings and you should not judge someone by their looks or their colour”. This is the message that we at Scouts Cymru want to spread throughout Wales. We are diverse, different, and together we can be powerful.

Dr Lawrence told us of how change starts with the younger generation and hopes that our young people will spread the knowledge they have learnt and be the change makers for tomorrow.

To ensure this change happens, our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Sub Committee will be shaping our inclusion strategy for now and the future. They are keen to support not only our members, but third sector partners from across the Nation on their inclusion journeys.

We will be announcing further sessions very soon so keep an eye on our website for upcoming “A More Equal Wales” events and topics.