We are delighted to announce Graham Rees-Evans as the Area Commissioner for Glamorgan West .

We caught up with Graham to learn a little about him and his new role!


Graham has been scouting since Beavers, has been the District Commissioner for Afan Nedd for the last 8 years, and a member of the Area Executive for the past 14 years.

Graham has been involved in the opening of new groups and sections, the rejuvenation of smaller sections, and has played an active role in district and area events.

Graham has lived and breathed Scouting Glamorgan West and fully understands what works well and where development is needed.

Who do you work for outside of Scouting and in what role?

In my day job I work for Shaw Trust Accessibility Services, assessing digital material like mobile apps and websites to make sure that they are usable for people with physical, sensory or cognitive impairments (such as low vision, no vision, or no hearing) or even individuals with a situational impairment (like trying to use a laptop on a sunny day). We assess material, create reports and deliver training courses to educate developers and content creators on how to do things better.

Were you a Scout when you were younger?

I joined Beavers when I was 6, managed to rope my mother in when I was 7, and got my father involved a few years later too.

I have been a Beaver, Cub, Scout, Explorer Scout, and have been involved in running 2 different iterations of the Local Scout Network.

I attended the European Jamboree in 2005 as a participant, but missed out on the World Jamboree. I have since made up for this, attending 2 World Jamborees as a leader.

Why did you want to become involved in Scouting?

For me, becoming a leader and everything since has been a natural progression from being a youth member.

Even as a youth member I was involved in the All Wales Patrol Leaders forum, later the All Wales Explorer Forum, and then on the area executive at 19.

What will your role as Area Commissioner involve?

As Area Commissioner I want to ensure that we have the correct foundations in order to grow and develop. I will be looking at where we are now, where we want to be, and what we need to do to get there.

We need to improve our youth voice, improve our diversity and improve the adventurous activities and night away that we offer.

This is not something I plan to do alone, growing the area team and getting the right people in the right role is essential to ensure that everyone has a small job and no one is left overwhelmed.