To complete the  Award the young people completed 2 activities in each of the themes within the Welsh Award: Wales in the Past; Wales in the Future; Our Culture; Where we live and things to do.

One of the highlights for Our Culture was in pairs the Explorers had to design a product that could be sold at a local farmers market.  This included the advertising with a logo and slogan, produce costings and pitch it to our team of dragons in a dragons den style session.  Once we were able to meet face to face again the Explorers made their products. Vegetarian Welsh Scotch Egg; Lamb and Potato Pasties, Welsh Yummy Gummies and honeycomb scones.

To achieve this award via zoom was quite a challenge for leaders and the Explorers. A real case of thinking outside the box to make it fun, challenging yet achievable plus meeting the criteria. Our young people worked hard and succeeded which we were all very pleased with  this new award.

Ade Bunton, Radnor DESC

“My favourite part of the Welsh Award was virtually meeting the team at Riversimple and finding out all about the hydrocars they are designing and building” – Cerys Jones. Riversimple are based in Llandrindod Wells and we investigated this as part of Wales in the future.


Wales in the Past – We made traditional love spoons.  Explorers were challenged with whittling a love spoon with 2 elements or salt dough with 4 elements.  Then the Explorers made replica vehicles out of recycled items of vehicles that we would have found in the past.


Wales in the Future – Riversimple Hydro Cars and the Explorers created maps of what they thought Wales would look like in the future, they considered things like the Senedd Future of Wales 2030 plan and how that would change Wales.


Our Culture – Design and produce a locally sourced item for a farmers market dragons den style and Coginio Cyson Parod, Ready Steady – Cook with Welsh ingredients.


Where we live – Was a W3W virtual tour around Wales and work together to make a story introducing aliens to our area which was read out at the campfire.


Things to do – The Explorers had to plan their Ultimate Welsh Camp, including what to visit, activities to do, how to get there, budgeting and fundraising and a quiz on Wales.




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