From 28 September, ScoutsCymru will move to Yellow readiness level, which will change what Scouts can do face-to-face in Wales.

The changes reflect the Welsh Government guidelines to support youth work services, which Scouting comes under.

It is important to note that Areas and Districts currently under local restrictions cannot move to yellow at this time. You will receive communications from ScoutsCymru when your readiness level changes. To check which districts this applies to click here

In moving to Yellow readiness in Wales, we can confirm the following changes:

  • Indoor activities are now allowed, but outdoor activities are still preferred and should be encouraged.
  • Numbers are restricted indoors to 15 young people and 5 leaders. Outdoors the maximum number of people is 30.
  • Indoor activities will carry more potential risk so numbers may be adjusted accordingly to allow social distancing to be maintained.
  • Young people under 11 (Beavers, Cubs) do not need to socially distance but Scouts, Explorers and Adults should maintain social distancing currently at 2m.
  • Scout Networks can meet in groups up to 15 and be supported by up to 5 leaders but all must socially distance.
  • All adults must socially distance from all young people (even those under 11), where it is not possible for a short period then a face covering must be worn.
  • No gatherings of more than 30 are permitted for any reason and multiple groups must continue to be at least 25m away from each other.
  • Adults don’t need to wear a face covering when delivering activities outdoors – unless social distancing can’t be maintained.
  • Young people over 11 and adults need to wear a face covering indoors.
  • Whilst it is now possible for leaders to move between Sections on the same day, this should be limited to avoid contact with too many households and increase the risk.
  • Groups will need to get consent from parents and carers before young people move to indoor activities.
  • Adult Leader training and other adult gatherings that are not direct youth work (working with Sections) should not involve groups of more than 6 people indoors or outdoors and household restrictions do apply.

Rhian Moore, Chief Commissioner of Wales, said: “Over the last few months, there has been a massive shift in the world around us and our ‘new normal’ continues to evolve.

“Organisations and businesses across the world have been forced to adapt quickly and we have been proud of how our members in Wales have embraced change.

“As we move into a yellow readiness level where we’re able to get back together safely, our commitment to support you is unwavering and we’ll do everything we can to answer your questions, find out what you need and understand how we can help.

“We continue to work closely with Welsh Government, the Future Generations Commissioner and other third sector organisations to ensure we get back together safely, but also to see how Scouts can support our country and our young people rebuild stronger for our future.

“While there are still so many uncertainties with this pandemic, there has never been a more important time to equip our young people with skills for life.

“We are here to support them in developing the skills they need to deal with what life throws their way. Supporting them in developing the skills they need to rebuild our communities, level up our society and strengthen our communities and our country for a more sustainable future.

“We don’t only want our young people to have the skills to be successful in life, we also want them to be themselves, understand how they can help and support society they find themselves in and be willing to help people from all walks of life.

“Join us and help us lead the way in building a new tomorrow where care, respect, belief, integrity and cooperation is at the heart of our communities and a way of life for our future generations.”