Following the recent local lockdown restrictions imposed across Wales, we recognise the difficulties facing our young people and the added strain being placed on their wellbeing.

We have decided to take hands on action and we’re looking to create 10,000 wellbeing champions across the UK who will be committed to help us tear down the taboo around mental health.

We hope that our Wellbeing Champions will play a significant part in tackling the mental health crisis arising from the coronavirus pandemic, we want to make sure that everyone gets the support they need!

We kicked off the initiative with a Wellbeing Champion session that our Young People attended to learn how to look after their own wellbeing, and to help others look after theirs. The session was a huge success with everyone taking part in a yoga session, learning relaxation techniques, making wellbeing chatterboxes, talking about acts of kindness, and learning about wellbeing and safety.

Here’s what our Deputy Commissioner, Huw Howells, had to say about the session: “I was so pleased that we all came together to join in on such a great session which was focussed on an extremely important topic.

“The Coronavirus pandemic has hit our young people hard. Some have missed out on end of term celebrations or exams and others have been separated from their loved ones. It’s been really tough. We know right now more than ever, talking about mental health is so important but the stigma around the topic still gets in the way.

“Our Wellbeing Champion session was an opportunity for our Young People to learn ways that they can take care of their own mental health, support others to take care of theirs, and to also learn that is okay to talk to someone about how they’re feeling.

“The session was a great success and I hope that our pledge to create 10,000 Wellbeing Champions across the UK will have a real impact and support our young people throughout the pandemic and beyond it.”

Everyone can become a Wellbeing Champion with our simple guide. First take a look at the below link to learn a little more about wellbeing, then apply what you’ve learnt with our take action guide. Then it’s time to become a Wellbeing Champion, tell us about your story and earn your certificate. All that’s left to do then is spread some positivity and help those around you take care of their mental wellbeing.

Let’s tear down the stigma around mental health and together we can make a real difference!

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